Niinistö will discuss the crisis in Ukraine with European leaders in Zelensky in London

Finnish President Niinistö met with the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson In London on Tuesday to discuss the ongoing crisis in . They are also said to have spoken to the Swedish Prime Minister .

Niinistö was in London at a two-day summit of the JEF (Joint Expeditionary Force). The JEF is a British-led framework for multilateral defense co-operation, comprising the five Nordic , the three Baltic countries and the .

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, the president said that Finland can be sure of receiving it "full support" Regardless of the United Kingdom’s decisions on security and defense.

However, he pointed out that although Britain has promised to provide support, a formal, binding security guarantee cannot be given without the consent of the British Parliament.

According to Yle’s sources, Johnson said in a meeting with Niinistö on Tuesday that the co-operation between Great Britain and Finland will be strengthened in the near future.

"In all the discussions I took part in, it was confirmed that the doors of NATO are still open." Niinistö stated.

The President considered Finland’s accession to NATO to be strict. He did not comment on Yle’s recent poll that 62 percent of the country’s population would like it to join a .

Niinistö said he had a long discussion with Johnson about the conflict in Ukraine. He emphasized that the priority for NATO and EU countries was to alleviate the situation and stop the unnecessary killing and suffering of civilians.

When asked about Finland’s relations with , Niinistö stated that there is no return, as the economic consequences of the war and deep distrust of Russia will continue well into the future.

Zelensky appeals to JEF executives

Volodymyr Zelensky contacted JEF executives via video link on Tuesday, requesting additional military assistance and demanding a full embargo on Russia.

"We are all targets in Russia and the situation will turn against if Ukraine cannot withstand the Russian invasion. Therefore, I ask you to help yourself by helping us," he said.

Tuesday’s meeting also confirmed that JEF member states will participate in joint military exercises in the Nordic and Baltic regions this spring.

JEF provides assistance to its members with military assistance and intelligence services as needed, but does not guarantee security. It is therefore unclear what concrete assistance could be offered to Finland in a crisis situation.

"It is clear that the exercises will strengthen our ability to cooperate, which is important for Finland’s security." Niinistö said, adding that member states are still figuring out how the alliance will work.

Source: The Nordic Page

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