Posti apologizes for the loss of Kela’s second document package

The package containing the applications and documents of about 40–50 customers has been lost during . The incident is the result of a similar position-related accident involving Kela, which was announced in February.

A package of documents sent from Kela’s service point in , about 50 kilometers northwest of , was on its way to Kela’s document scanning center.

The missing package includes Kela’s Vihti service point or a mailbox outside the service point on 25-28 February. applications and supporting documents sent.

The case was well founded Juhani TanayamaHead of Post’s Parcel and Ecommerce Operations, apologizes.

"Package loss is a serious error. It is unfortunate that this is the second case of our long-term customer Kela and we apologize for the inconvenience caused to Kela’s customers and Kela. Together we are looking for ways to prevent similar situations from happening again," Tanayama said in a press release.

The tracking number in the package indicates that it has been received by the Post . But it has not been registered as delivered to the Post’s tracking system or delivered to the recipient, and it has not arrived at the scanning center.

Kela and Posti have tried to trace the package, but have not made any progress.

In practice, the loss of the package means that Kela has not been able to process some people’s applications, which may cause disruptions in the payment of benefits.

Source: The Nordic Page




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