Minister of Social Affairs: Normal conditions after Covid are in sight

The daily lives of Finns after the Covid pandemic show "much more normal" by May-June, according to the interim Minister of Family and Social Affairs Who is Linden.

However, it remains to be seen what this post-Covid normal condition will look like.

"Is it even normal what we expect? After all, the Covid pandemic, which has continued to emerge, for example, through new mutations," Lindén said while appearing on Yle’s morning talk show on Thursday.

It seems that Covid has given way to the war situation in Ukraine as the number one topic in the current public debate, and this is understandable, Linden said, adding, however, that the pandemic is not over yet, as thousands of new cases are discovered every day. the number of hospitals is growing.

By Wednesday, approximately 852 Covid patients were being treated in hospitals across Finland, 38 of whom were in intensive care.

"Good that THL [the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare] revoked the relaxation of the mask rules. The impact of the masks at this stage is being looked at, but they still have symbolic value as they serve as a reminder that we are still living in an ongoing pandemic." Linden said.

Source: The Nordic Page





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