Finland is once again the happiest nation in the world

For the fifth time in a row, was ranked as the happiest country in the World Happiness ReportAnnual independent study organized by the Network for Sustainable Development.

All the Nordic remained in the top ten this year. The high rankings of this nation were due in part to "strong social cohesion, an excellent work-life balance and free and care."

World Happiness Report 2022 ranking

1. Finland

2. Denmark


4. Switzerland


6. Luxembourg

7. Swedish

8. Norway



In addition to key statistical indicators, Gallup World Poll is the main source of information in the report. The survey asks respondents to rate their current lives as a whole using a ladder image in which the best possible life for them is 10 and the worst possible 0. Typically, about 1,000 responses are collected each year from each country.

Pandemic blues

Not surprisingly, the report says that the coronavirus pandemic, with its restrictive measures, dampened feelings of happiness around the world.

A key finding of the report was that, in particular, the extent to which people trust their governments and the goodwill of others supports their happiness before, during and probably after a pandemic.

Countries where people trusted their governments and each other had lower rates of Covid-19 deaths and a greater tendency to maintain or rebuild a common purpose for a happier, healthier, and more sustainable life.

The report noted the direct and concrete effects of ongoing crises, such as pandemics, war or the acceleration of climate change, on people’s happiness.

In contrast, it says difficult times have added value to the community – helping guests, donating money and volunteering increased in 2021 around the world.

Source: The Nordic Page

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