Part 1 of 5. Estonia 1994

About Before-After 1994

Before-After is Sveriges Drama’s audio drama initiative about historical turning points in , where society has gone from a before to an after. Before-After Estonia 1994 is about the sinking of the passenger ferry Estonia and depicts three different timelines, all based on the disaster when the sank. A track takes place in 1994 and follows colleagues Eva and Kristin from the time they check in at M / S Estonia with -free shopping and a flirtatious bar hangout until the disaster is suddenly a fact.

The second track, which takes place shortly after the sinking, follows Mikael’s mourning after Mrs Kristin’s death, his isolation, visits to the relatives’ group and finally, his attempt to dive to Estonia’s wreck on the shores of the .

Today, Felix starts “Estonia Pod” where he interviews experts, conspiracy theorists and relatives. A project that makes him confront both his and his well-meaning but critical journalist father.

In the roles: Fredrik Söderholm – Felix, Jimmy Lindström – Mikael, Maria Lundqvist – Eva, Johan Ehn – Journalisten , Maria Sundbom Lörelius – Mia, Siham Shurafa – Kristin, Krister Henriksson – Felix pappa Ola, Utas – Nyhetsräv, Malou Zilliacus – Utropare

Script: Henrik Bromander.
Screenwriting: Tommy Håkansson and Eva Staaf
Dramaturge: Magnus Lindman

Sound design: Frida Englund
Pre-production: Camilla van der Meer Söderberg
Producer: Marie Wennersten

Director: Eva Staaf

Vignette music: Before-After composed by Jacob Mühlrad, arranged by Petter Ekman and under the direction of concertmaster Malin Broman in the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Musicians: Malin Broman, Kristina Ebbersten, Emma Nyman, Fred Lindberg and Simon Crawford-Phillips. Music technician: Erland von Heijne. Producer for the vignette: Magnus Berg.

Artistic development manager at Swedish Radio Drama: Moa Gammel Ginsburg

Listen and download until March 18, 2023.





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