Prime Minister Marin’s visit to the nightclub was not a violation of the rules, the chancellor of justice says

attorney general Tuomas Pöysti has been decided by the (SDP) did not break the rules when he went to a nightclub in December last year without an official phone call.

The case rose to headlines worldwide after it emerged that Marin had forgotten a text message urging him to isolate himself after the foreign minister. Pekka (Green) was positive in the Covid test. Marin and Haavisto had attended the same board meeting the day before.

Both the Chancellor of Justice and the Parliamentary Ombudsman received several complaints about Marin’s evening at a club in .

However, the Chancellor considered that Marin had done nothing wrong, as the government’s instructions on the use of the telephone in his leisure and the regulations on exposure to Covid were inconsistent at the time.

Although the “Minister’s Manual” mentions the use of official telephones and that ministers must keep them "available and ready to use"the chancellor’s report stated that the briefing distributed to ministers did not mention the need for continuous access to the official telephone.

The report also noted discrepancies in the Covid guidelines at the time of the incident, and the chancellor noted that Marin and his foreign minister Henrik Haapajärvi acted in accordance with the guidelines of the Public Authority.

Following the incident, a new system has been introduced which requires the recipient of official to confirm receipt.

Source: The Nordic Page

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