Amazon’s $ 8.45 billion acquisition of MGM approved by EU regulators

, : European regulators have approved Amazon’s acquisition of Hollywood studio MGM, stressing that the sale does not raise any competition concerns.

In 2021, Amazon said it bought MGM in a $ 8.45 billion deal to broaden its streaming service with more content.

According to its inquiry, the , the EU’s executive arm, said sales “would not significantly reduce competition” in European markets, including for and production.

The Commission added that although they hold the rights to successful franchise agreements, including , MGM can not be considered a “must” and is “not among the best production studios.”

MGM, of the oldest studios in Hollywood, has faded in height over the years, but still has a large library, with famous characters like and RoboCop, which Amazon said they would use to create new movies and shows.





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