Ministry: Tens of thousands of Ukrainians arrive in Finland

The Ministry of the Interior estimates that tens of thousands of displaced persons from Ukraine will arrive in . The number of arrivals has accelerated this week, while those arriving are in poorer physical condition and more likely to be traumatized.

At least 7,000 have arrived in Finland since the Russian invasion began on 24 February. Exact figures are not available, as they are allowed to travel freely after arriving in the and do not have to register on arrival in Finland.

Rundgren, a senior expert at the Department of the Interior, estimates that the actual number is a multiple. Ukrainians can stay in Finland for up to three months without papers, and some live here with relatives or friends.

"The number of arrivals has risen sharply over the past week and the trend seems to be continuing. We can’t give an exact estimate, but it’s probably tens of thousands," Rundgren told on Saturday.

Reception centers will reopen

He was confident that Finland would be able to control the situation, even if the numbers increased.

In 2015, a record number of asylum seekers arrived in Finland during the crisis, a total of 32,476 people. Of these, more than 20,000 were from and more than 5,000 from Afghanistan.

Most of the reception centers where they were located have been closed, but some are reopening.

The EU has granted Ukrainians fleeing the war the right to study or work and to receive care and accommodation in reception centers for up to three years.

The (UNHCR) estimates that more than three million people have fled the war , about two million of them across the Polish border. Many other neighboring countries have received hundreds of thousands of refugees.

The EU has decided that those fleeing the war in Ukraine will not have to seek asylum, but will be able to obtain a temporary residence and work permit as they are entitled to temporary protection.

Source: The Nordic Page

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