From jump to closure – the year of Finland’s first sex doll brothel

November is generally known as a gloomy and rainy month, but already in 2018 there was a desire to bring a new light source to . It was time to open ’s first doll brothel and Unique Dolls started welcoming its guests on November 15th.

In the media from around the

Unique Dolls was a brothel that opened its mystical doors in Helsinki as early as 2018. It was located in the Kannelmäki center, more precisely in their basement. The shopping center is currently known as Kaari and is located in Kannelmäki, about 12 kilometers from the center of Helsinki.

The opening of the exciting doll brothel received a lot of attention and was mentioned on several news sites both domestically and internationally. The Finnish media also wrote about the opening because at the beginning there was a well-known local reality star in a big role. This reality star has been in the afternoon newspapers for several years since he began his career in well-known TV shows.

The concept of Unique Dolls is sex dolls, as the name suggests. Sex doll, in Finnish sex dolls, is a synthetic figure that aims to look attractive. Unique Dolls only offered dolls as female characters, but there are clearly market shares for male dolls as well.

Mission behind Unique Dolls

Unique Dolls wanted to meet the demands of human intimacy and meet certain needs. The crew found that people have started having difficulty getting to know other people. Loneliness is increasing and it can be due to various reasons.

Poor self-esteem or self-image can make it difficult for the opposite sex to approach, but the needs for sexual desire remain the same. Unique Dolls saw an opportunity to meet this need by establishing Finland’s first doll brothel in Helsinki.

Every adult was welcome in the brothel, but it was aimed at heterosexual who did not have sex. The dolls were only female, but the staff was willing to consider offering male alternatives as well. The supply was made according to demand, as female dolls have a much larger market than male dolls.

Price and remote location

An hour with a sex doll at Unique Dolls cost 100 euros. The brothel was open Monday through Thursday from 12 noon to 12 noon and on Fridays and Saturdays until 2 p.m. The owner did not see any problems or problems with the people living near the brothel because no one lived in the actual house. the building where the Unique Dolls were located.

There could have been four customers at a time and the place was located further away from the center to avoid excessive attention. The dolls were cleaned and the whole room was disinfected after the visit. Bordell’s rules said the customer should use the condom provided by the house for the intrusion.

Hygiene was one of Unique Dolls ’top priorities and the cleaning staff ensured that the equipment was completely clean after each visit. They also changed the dolls ’clothes and wigs after each use.

The cleaning took over an hour and the company hoped it would not affect the viability of the . Their sincere hope and thought was that there would have been a lot of people in Finland who could use such a service.

Doors closed in October 2019

Unfortunately, the story of Unique Dolls was relatively short. Despite the peak and wishful thinking, it had to close the business the following October. This means that it managed to exist for less than a year.

Unique Dolls markets itself as a place for high-end sex dolls, but the company didn’t attract enough customers to maintain a good business. The costs could not be covered and the place had to be closed.

Behind the scenes, the famous reality star stated that running the series was pointless, even though he learned a lot during the trip. The use of sex dolls still causes a negative stigma, although the crew did their best to market the place internationally as well.

Unique Dolls closed their doors and the goods had to be sorted out. Some of the dolls were so damaged that they had to be thrown away, but a few dolls were for sale online.

first in Europe

Unique Dolls was an interesting case in terms of relative rarity. There are no sex doll brothels in every European city, so bringing them to the Finnish capital also aroused interest elsewhere on the continent.

One of the most interesting is found in Barcelona, ​​which opened the first sex doll brothel in all of Europe. For example, Dolls is located in the heart of Barcelona and aims to offer the world’s first hyper-realistic sex.

They have strong values ​​in providing services that are 100% -abiding and they want to do so in absolute confidence. The customer’s experience is only left between him and the doll. Lumidolls are delivered without latex and use only the best silicone or TPE to bring pleasure.

It also exists in Italy and Russia, so who knows if Unique Dolls was inspired by their activities. The Russian businessman behind Unique Dolls wanted to remain anonymous. The future shows what is on offer in Helsinki, but at the moment it cannot be enjoyed in the Finnish capital.

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