Dozens have been charged with more than 50 suspects in drug trafficking

Finnish prosecutors plan to prosecute 54 people in a large drug case that was part of Operation Greenlight / Trojan Shield, an extensive international investigation that led to the seizure of large drugs and weapons, the prosecutor’s office said on Monday.

Police have previously described the case as historically large, and authorities suspect an Estonian and Spanish organization of smuggling drugs worth about 100 million euros into Finland. Crimes are suspected to have occurred in the summer of 2020-2021.

The case currently involves 128 criminal charges, which are due to begin in the Helsinki District Court in about two weeks, and there is about 90 days for a lengthy trial.

The prosecutor’s office said 92 of the 128 charges were serious drug offenses or aiding and abetting, including eight drug or drug offenses, three serious doping charges, nine charges of money laundering or money laundering, and the rest. charges of firearms offenses.

About 20 of the suspects are still in pre-trial detention, and two are still awaiting extradition to Finland, the authority said.

Authorities tracked down suspects through an international, FBI-led Operation Greenlight / Trojan Shield operation that tricked criminals into using an allegedly private chat application that actually allowed law enforcement to read messages related to the crimes.

According to police, the suspects smuggled 770 kilograms of cannabis and 706 kilograms of amphetamine to Finland. Cannabis is suspected of being imported from Spain and amphetamines – as well as cocaine and ecstasy – came from the Netherlands. The drug is suspected of being smuggled into Finland via freight traffic.

"Based on the suspects’ reports and other preliminary investigations, the suspects planned and arranged the import of the drug in a very professional manner. Drugs were smuggled into, among other things, mold, mold and grill charcoal bags and hot water tanks," Jari RätyThe head of the Central Criminal Police Investigation, said in January.

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