Haavisto: Foreign and defense ministers agree on the EU "strategic compass"

EU foreign and defense ministers have reached an agreement a "strategic compass" which directs the future of the bloc’s defense co-operation, according to a tweet from the Finnish Foreign Minister Monday evening.

"Welcomes the agreement reached on the commitment of the EU Strategic Compass to deeper cooperation," tweeted on " in the EU" twitter account.

The development of an EU defense strategy has been under way for some , and a draft strategic compass was published last November.

The Compass provides a common strategic vision for EU defense and , aimed at: improving the state of preparedness of the EU’s armed forces and civilian experts; develop rapid troop deployment capacity; make joint investments in military capabilities; increase the bloc’s ability to prevent and deter issues such as threats and other foreign disruptions; strengthen cooperation between , the UN, the OSCE, the AU and ASEAN, and intensify cooperation with the , Canada and .

The content The strategy was revised after Russia’s invasion of .

Source: The Nordic Page

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