Israel’s Elbit, the Swedish Armed Forces’ ammunition deal for tanks worth USD 27 million

Israel's Elbit, the Swedish Armed Forces' ammunition deal for tanks worth USD 27 million

, March 21 (Xinhua) – The Israeli defense electronics company Elbit Systems announced on that it has been awarded a contract worth 27 million US dollars to provide the Swedish with highly ammunition.

The contract, recognized by the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration, would be carried out over a 10-month period, the company says in a statement.

The deal includes the M339 rounds of Elbit’s 120 mm ammunition series to improve tank firepower, and data setting units for the Swedish military’s Main Battle were noted.

The 27 kg M339 cartridge is high-precision ammunition for warfare in the field and in cities, and delivers mortality with low side in all battle areas, according to Elbit’s tank ammunition portfolio.

M339 can destroy bunkers, field fortifications, city buildings, light armored and armored vehicles and is very lethal to dismantled infantry.

It is able to penetrate 200 mm double-reinforced concrete walls and drive the warhead with delay, according to Elbit.


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