Persecution – I could not stop myself

– I do not understand, why does not she want me? I had to really make sure I did not lose her or lose her.

It was when Johan was working on a temporary project in a residential area that he started stalking, stalking a woman. First, they meet a few times in about a month. Then the woman, whom Kaliber calls Elin, does not want to continue dating.

– She was a very kind person and tried to say it in a nice way, but it did not matter in which way she said it because I did not buy it anyway.

Convicted of unlawful for the of stalking

Johan writes hundreds of and searches for her.

– It’s like a terror. I can say that I’m on my way there, that I’m standing outside. Sometimes I did, sometimes I was not even there, but I still tried to control her.

Elin reports Johan to the , who eventually gets caught and is convicted of the illegal stalking crime. But it is only long after the sonata crime that he understands how badly he behaved towards Elin and many others. Now he tries to make up for what he has done and ask for forgiveness, but Johan will never be able to contact Elin again. It would do more harm than good.

– Today I do not behave in the same way at all. I can behave badly, but I also have the opportunity to stop and take back and apologize for what I did. But I also get to take an inventory of my life and see what kind of person I have been, what I have done. (…) I must not duck, I must not sneak away. I simply need to face it, says Johan.

Johan and Elin are actually called something else.





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