Swedish sex trade: Save my little sister

Little sister sells against her will

’s little sister is in her late teens and sells herself to online with ads she posts. But she really does not want without prostitution is part of a self-harming behavior.

– She shuts down, just at that moment she shuts off all hard feelings, can think that it’s the only thing she can do because it’s the only thing she can.

Sex can act as self-harming behavior

Cecilia Fredlund is a specialist doctor in in and researches young people who sell sex that can function as a self-harming behavior and have the same function as cutting or burning yourself. There are sex buyers who are actively looking for young girls who are feeling unwell, where it is obvious that they have sex to injure themselves. The doctor Cecilia Fredlund believes that here society on the judiciary should step in to mark when such sex buyers get caught.

– Based on the , I think that people with sexual self-harming behavior who are exploited that it would actually be a more severe punishment, just as you see a person who is under the influence of alcohol who is in an extra vulnerable position.

More people get caught up in prostitution

In 2021, 841 sex buyers were prosecuted – on the other hand, it is almost a doubling compared to the year before. Most of the prostitution has long since moved from the street to the internet, to sites that function as brothels. Anyone caught buying sex will be fined or imprisoned for a maximum of year.

Reporter: Wadebäck
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