New opinion polls show more support for Finland’s accession to NATO

The most in Helsingin Sanomat (HS) recent According to a survey on ’s possible NATO membership, a small majority of the country’s population is in favor of joining the , and about 54 per of respondents said they were in favor of such a transfer.

Proportion of a similar survey conducted by the magazine In the beginning of March 48% were in favor of joining.

About in five of the 1,062 respondents to the survey said they were opposed to joining, while one in four could not express an opinion on the matter.

The magazine’s poll also showed that were more likely to support the change, with 64 per cent supporting membership compared to 45 per cent of women.

By age group, those aged 60–69 wanted Finland to join the military alliance the most. In contrast, less than half of respondents aged 31-39 were in favor of membership.

Three out of four business leaders say yes to membership

Nearly 75 percent of the Chamber of Commerce answered the burning membership question "Yeah."

At the same , of the nearly 2,000 member companies, only seven per cent opposed NATO membership and nearly 20 per cent chose “can’t say”.

Recent studies seem to suggest that the business community is more enthusiastic about NATO than Finnish citizens, at least according to the survey results.

"Business decision-makers closely monitor society and the operating environment. They do not only have indoor air, but a more informed view that NATO membership would be a good thing for Finland." President of the Central Chamber of Commerce Juho Romakkaniemi told Yle.

The Chamber of Commerce also examined the economic impact of the war and sanctions against on its members to date.

Half of the respondents said the war and sanctions have “to some extent” negatively impacted their business, but the chief of the chamber of commerce said the picture is still too soon.

"The full impact of the sanctions is not yet visible [Finnish] , although Russia’s retaliation remains a mystery," Romakkaniemi said.

Source: The Nordic Page

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