That is why Putin is not negotiating with Zelensky

It has been almost four weeks since ’s invasion of , and the war has forced 10 million people to flee inside and outside the country. At the same , negotiations have been held between the countries. So far, they have met at level.

– Putin does not see the political leadership as legitimate at all, says Carolina Vendil Pallin.

According to Carolina Vendil Pallin at FOI, a crucial reason why it is currently difficult to reach an almost level, ie to get the two presidents Putin and to meet for talks, is that Putin does not see the Ukrainian president as anything other than a tool. for the West and the .

’s demands on Ukraine to withdraw its troops are clear; recognize the breakaway regions, lay down your arms and stay out of alliances.

– For Russia, these people’s republics, and , have only been tools. The is to control the whole of Ukraine, both politically and militarily.


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