The tenant-owner association Ida was hijacked by criminals

This is the story of what has been called the worst hijacking of a tenant-owner association in . Brf Ida in , of Sweden’s largest tenant-owner associations, had a good reputation and a good .

But in the autumn of 2017, it is discovered that millions are flowing out of the association. The association’s chairman has allied himself with eco-criminals, hijacked the association and defrauded a quarter of a billion kronor.

The and panic spread in the association. The apartments are collapsing in value and there is an imminent that the association will go bankrupt, which would mean financial disaster for the residents.

But this is also a story about an association that, against all odds, manages to get up and find its way back – with the help of a hard pli on the economy and a strong community.

Reporter and producer: Landelius

Host and producer: Granath

Sound mix: Per-Emil Starklint Söderström

Channel: P4 Malmöhus

Responsible publisher: Sandra Martinsson





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