Immigrants face multiple discrimination in the rental housing market and in key services in Finnish society: NGO

“In our counseling and support , we constantly hear people’s experiences of facing structural , prejudice and pure racism in various services. For many of our service users, appointments, coercion from public spaces, denial of service, and assault by and / or guards are part of their daily lives. The NGO says in a statement issued in the context of Anti-Racism Week.

People face structural discrimination in banks, , employment offices and services. Due to limited language choice, return policy and the inability of customer service to deal with people with an immigrant background, these people are vulnerable to inequalities in access to services, the accumulation of problems and negative consequences.

People with an immigrant background also face multiple discrimination in the rental housing market. In particular, lack of language skills, low socio-economic status, (non-European) origin or belonging to an ethnic minority reduce the applicant’s chances of finding housing. According to the survey on the selection criteria for tenants by private landlords (in ) third of the respondents had a somewhat or very negative view of the applicant’s belonging to an ethnic minority. A quarter of the respondents considered it negative that the applicant’s mother tongue was other than Finnish.

People in vulnerable societies often have to resort to black markets to circumvent structural barriers to housing, such as selection criteria for state-sponsored housing, identification with online banking IDs, availability of application forms and poor language skills.

Housing counseling has repeatedly been found to be an effective way to prevent evictions and housing problems. Inflexible housing counseling services, their poor availability or lack, increase the risk of homelessness for people with an immigrant background.

Various NGOs provide services to specific groups and can respond and respond flexibly to the needs of a changing and diversifying population.

Vva ry reminds the public sector that in housing matters it is necessary to take these special needs into account and to continuously develop housing services. Timely housing counseling should be guaranteed for special groups, including those renting private homes. In this work, municipalities can utilize the expertise of .

Without a permanent housing association (No permanent residence) were set up by the homeless themselves in 1986. It is an NGO that monitors the interests of the homeless in the third sector. Vva ry is not committed to the agenda of any political party or religious community.

Source: No Fixed Abode NGO

Source: The Nordic Page




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