Marin: "Finland is ready for further action" Russia’s energy imports

Energy imports from will be a key topic at the two-day summit starting in Brussels on Thursday.

prime minister (SDP) said that Finland is open to all measures on this front, despite the fact that it is dependent on Russia for its energy.

"The [current] sanctions and economic measures are unprecedented. However, we do not yet know whether they are sufficient. Finland is ready for further action. We have said this very openly in previous meetings," the prime minister told in Brussels ahead of Thursday’s meetings.

He was in Brussels on Wednesday night for other meetings, including talks with the Prime Minister of Canada .

According to Marin, Finland is prepared for all the measures proposed by the Commission, including additional sanctions related to energy. However, Russia’s ban on energy imports would have a significant impact, especially on gas-dependent countries such as Finland, he pointed out.

According to Marini, the problem could be addressed by moving to joint gas procurement at EU level. He also suggested that the government be ready for a proposal on energy price caps.

"We need to assess the impact of all the proposals very carefully. We do not want actions that disrupt the market or make matters worse. All these proposals should be treated openly," Marin said.

Although Finland has reduced its energy dependence on Russia in recent years, it still imports a large amount of fossil gases and oil, as well as electricity, coal, and wood. The state-owned state-owned energy company Fortum is a partner in the Russian state-owned energy company Rosatom at ’s proposed nuclear power plant.

EU leaders are also expected to discuss China’s role. According to Marin, China has a significant role to play in sanctions against Russia.

"Our is that China does not down the effects of these sanctions in any way," he said.

Source: The Nordic Page

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