Spring is here … or at least to complete the week

The vernal equinox passed Sunday, but it is never a reliable indicator that winter is over. For Easter Day on April 5 last year, a snowstorm hit parts of .

No, a better indicator is us: we can feel it in our bones that the is getting warmer and that the country is responding in an appropriately spring-like way.

The answer today is a resounding yes!

Sizzling weather late in the week
Temperatures are clearly rising and the evidence was on the capital’s sidewalks today, where everyone wanted a seat outdoors to enjoy their in the sunshine. In some streets, even smokers had taken their chairs outside to laze like lizards.

Today’s top in Copenhagen was rising 15 degrees and tomorrow it looks like it will top it with 16!

The heat peaks at 15.00, the when most workers stop for the weekend: without a doubt with a overlooking the harbor in mind.

Next week, however, will be colder
But do not make a schoolboy mistake and pack your gloves and hat away just yet.

It cools off over the weekend, and then next week will be colder with a 6 degree forecast both Wednesday and Thursday.

Source: The Nordic Page




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