The fatal shooting in Rödeby

It’s Friday in Rödeby on October 5, 2007. A bunch of girls and boys are hanging out at Rödebyskolan. A moped gang has long harassed a family and their son who live on a some distance away. 16-year-old “Oskar” is described as a leader and driving force in . Suddenly a big guy comes up to “Oskar” and hits a can in his head and tells not to be the son in the family.

“Oskar” and five others decide to go up to the yard with their mopeds. When they arrive, it is missing for the father in the family. He shoots at the boys and Simon, who meets up close, dies. “Oskar” is seriously injured. When it becomes known how the boys have harassed the family, many side with the father. But 15-year-old Simon, who died on the farm, had never been involved in harassing the family before. The case divides the whole of into two camps. Where is the limit for self-defense?

In the documentary, “Oskar” tells for the first his story about the harassment, about the shooting and about the feelings towards his friend Simon who did not survive.

A documentary by: Sigrid Edsenius.

Producer: Magnus .

Published: 2017.





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