The political situation in Eastern Europe is deteriorating

According to the study, the economic situation in Eastern deteriorated significantly, down 10 points from the previous quarter. Estimates of the political situation also fell by 9 points. “’s attack on has plunged the region into a deep economic and political ,” says an ifon researcher. Niklas Potrafke.

In contrast, assessments of economic policy improved mainly in Northern Europe (plus 10 points) and Southern Europe (plus 5 points). Western European ratings rose 3 points. The political situation in Northern, Western and Southern Europe (+8, +2, +7) also became clearer.

In North America, economic experts expect a slight improvement in economic policy (plus 4 points), while in Central and the situation is deteriorating (minus 10 points in each case). Respondents experienced positive economic policy developments in (growth 14), East Asia (growth 10) and (growth 7). In contrast, participants’ mood weakened in Oceania (decline 2) and (decline 10). In East Africa (plus 10), they rated the economic policy situation as clearly better. In contrast, they are more negative in Central Africa (decrease 22), North Africa (decrease 13) and South Africa (decrease 3), and West Africa (decrease 2).

The economic policy scores are based on the average of the answers to two questions: How do you assess your country’s current economic policy? How well does your country’s current economic policy meet the challenges of the future? The assessment of the political situation consists of the average of the answers to two other questions: How do you assess the performance of your country’s current ? How do you assess the stability of the current political situation in your country? The survey lasted from February 16 to March 2, 2022.

More detailed results can be found here:

Source: ifo Institute

Source: The Nordic Page

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