Beware of train chaos on the weekends

Lines A, B, C, E and H are most affected
This means that from 01.30 on 26 March to 04.30 on 28 March, train in the area will be significantly affected.

In particular, S-train lines from Central Station towards Frederikssund (lines C and H), Høje Taastrup (lines B) and Køge (lines A and E) will be affected.

S-train stations that are hard hit are Dybbølsbro, , , Flintholm, , Danshøj, Sydhavn, Sjælør and Ny Ellebjerg.

It also means that passengers should plan longer times on InterCity and regional trains departing from the capital.

The old signaling system, which is analogous and often the cause of train delays, is being upgraded to a more modern system.

“We are very much looking forward to the three lines being connected to the new system before the end of the year,” says Steen , Banedanmark’s head of signaling systems.

“This will mean that the entire S-train network will be equipped with the new signals, and we can carry out the technological upgrade that has already benefited so many passengers.”

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Source: The Nordic Page




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