It happened during the war in Ukraine

The EU and the US have drawn up a new gas agreement. But the quantity is not yet up to the level that buys from . “There is no quick fix to reduce dependence on Russian gas,” said analyst Elin Akinci.

Tasks: 300 dead in ’s theater

According to the Ukrainian authorities, 300 people died when the theater in Mariupol was bombed. “If the is correct, it is without a doubt the single biggest atrocity during this war,” says Sten Sjöström, Ekot’s former Russia .

Participants: Elin Akinci analyst at ELS Analysis, Andreas Liljehedencorrespondent in and Sten Sjöströmformer Russia correspondent at Swedish .

Host: Ola Janåker Dunkers

Producer: Peter Bjurbo

Technician: Begnert





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