Finland stops rail freight from Russia; the last passenger trains were almost sold out

VR announced on Saturday that its logistics subsidiary VR Transpoint will suspend the reception of freight trains arriving from Russia at noon on Sunday.

"The resumption of freight traffic between Russia and Finland is no longer possible due to sanctions imposed on Russian railways (RZD). is obliged to comply with sanctions imposed by Western countries," President of VR Transpoint Martti Koskinen said in a statement.

Russian wagons are allowed to return across for the time being.

The last Allegro trains were almost busy

The day before, VR announced that Allegro passenger trains between and St. Petersburg would be suspended on .

According to VR, the last Allegro train departures this weekend are almost sold out.

The service resumed in December after a during the . VR said that the state has asked to keep trains in service from Russia’s attack on so that Finns can return from Russia because there are no flights available.

Only and Russian with full EU-approved have got on the train.

Source: The Nordic Page

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