The King’s Millions and Magdalena Andersson’s winner’s skull

For the first , the king will report what he does with the millions he receives each year from the state budget, the so-called apanaget. This year it was 149 million. How much do Victoria and Carl Philip really get and how much goes to clothes? We also get to know when the king was most popular and least popular and why. And what really happened to the question of monarchy or republic among the parties?

What did Andersson (S) really think about Kristersson (M) accelerating when they were allowed to test drive an armored vehicle during a exercise? We analyze on the basis that it is known which winner the is.

Our political satirist Moa Wallin has noticed that within the parties people talk like their party leaders, sometimes so much so that David does not hear the difference between who is who. Moa has sound proof.

Eivind, of our listeners wants to know about the intrigues within the youth unions. We hear about a notorious battle in MUF when challenged for the chairmanship, in the media described as “The Battle of Lycksele” and which Reinfeldt still sees as one of his biggest mistakes in . Of course, it will also be about the quarrels within the youth union with a lot of drama, the Suss’ nursery for future ministers-SSU.

Our domestic political reporter also tells about a meeting between her and Queen Sylvia that did not turn out quite as Lova had intended.

Producer: Sukran Kavak

Digital editor: Petrina Hinas


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