Tordyveln flies in the twilight of Maria Gripe

When Jonas, and David flowers on the Selander farm, they find old letters, sent to an Emelie who lived in the 18th century.

The letters say about a three-thousand-year-old Egyptian statue in Ringaryd, where they live. Is it still there, and if so, where?

David has dreamed of a flower with heart-shaped leaves, and Jonas records everything that happens on his cassette player. With the help of the recorded sounds and other clues, a mysterious story is unraveled.

About Tordyveln flying at dusk

The Tordyveln flies at dusk was written directly for Swedish by Maria Gripe and Kay Pollak in 1976. Later, Maria Gripe transformed it into a book, read and loved by several generations.

Maria and I sat opposite each other with an old honest typewriter in and together spun the story of the mysterious Egyptian statue, the different characters and the strange and exciting plot. We lived into the story and had a lot of fun! says Kay Pollak.


Script: Maria Gripe and Kay Pollak
Director: Kay Pollak
Actor: Siv Ruud, Hans Alfredson, Inga Landré, Lena-Pia Bernhardson, Kay Pollak and more.

Cover illustration: Harald Gripe
Illustrations: Charlotte Heyman and Kristina Pérez

About Maria Gripe

Maria Gripe is of ’s most famous authors of children’s and young people’s literature. She was born in 1923 and made her debut as a writer in 1954. Maria Gripe wrote a total of 38 books.

She has also won many prizes, such as the Prize and the HC Andersen Medal.

Maria Gripe passed away on Maundy Thursday, April 5, 2007.





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