Hundreds are homeless after a huge fire destroyed a block of flats in Vanløse

On Friday afternoon, the received a report that a had broken out in the entrance to Grøndals Parkvej 6A, a block of flats in .

It did not take long before the entire block was engulfed. It took a while, but the firefighters eventually managed to tame the flames.

today continues with the demolition of the buildings. In the meantime, the roads around Grøndals Parkvej have reopened this morning.

Everything must be torn down
“The whole will be demolished at some point. But the last thing that needs to be demolished is where the fire start is believed to be, “said Jesper Bangsgaard from the Copenhagen Police on Sunday afternoon, according to .

The is to be able to get safely into the place where the fire is believed to have started and of course investigate.

Firefighters are still on site all the , making sure the smoldering embers are extinguished.
90 families are to be relocatedd
All 90 apartments have been destroyed by the fire and will end up being demolished. Many families are being relocated.

For those who were insured, it is their insurance company that is responsible for moving them. For those who were not, they are helped by the municipality.

No was injured in the fire.

Source: The Nordic Page




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