Foreign filming in Norway

It’s big for little when the biggest movie stars come to the country to make box office successes. Whether it’s who wants to shoot a new Mission Impossible movie or Matt Damon’s projects.

Only these two major players have laid back values ​​of over one billion kroner, the reimbursement amount was NOK 127 million, so there was no doubt about it. Norway’s publicity for having parts of the film in Norway was great, and now the Norwegian Film Industry wants more money to get more people interested in filming her.

By facilitating digital solutions, ensuring that competence will be raised and that the technology needed will be present, Norway will only be better equipped. For us normal people, technology will probably stick to mobile games or sites like Folkeriket online casinoWhile for filmmakers it will be worthwhile to have everything in place, it will shorten production time and make the easier for them.

For those who apply, up to 25% of all the approved costs that production has in Norway can be granted. Since this incentive scheme was introduced a little over 6 years ago, there has been a multiplication of interested parties. Not just from Hollywood, but the Chinese film industry, Bollywood, and other European want to take part in this.

Unequal distribution of funds

It is not easy to be the one who sits and reads all the applications of these large companies and the plans they have. How should the money be distributed when the largest productions eat everything alone. Mission Impossible 6 got the whole pot when it was recorded here, and that was before the pot was increased to 100 million.

It can seem almost as unfair when the following year there were 3 projects that received all the money. Even though it has improved, everything will be reviewed to make the scheme even better in the future.

The film industry sees how the income and job creation in the districts increase significantly when the big projects come, but feels that the smaller projects must also get the chance.


Which films have been shot in Norway before?

Many will probably be surprised at the number of films that are shot in Norway.

  • Star Wars- The Ice Planter Hoth was recorded on Finse.
  • Black Widow- Åndalsnes, Scarlett Johansson visited the Joker himself and shopped.
  • Ex Machina- all the outdoor scenes in the film are shot in Valldalen.
  • Mission Impossible- The pulpit that became so famous here in Norway moved to .
  • The Witches – The opening scene was filmed in Bergen.
  • Dune- The planet Caladan is on Stad, which is also its own sea-.
  • Harry Potter- Gatvortexpressen takes the trip through Bjorli in Lesja Municipality since the snow never came to Scotland.
  • Nedmemanning- Trollfjorden in Lofoten was visited by an obvious Matt Damon.
  • James Bond has been hers 3 times. Sean Connery in Mågerø, Pierce Brosnan visited Svalbard, and finally Daniel Craig with his famous around the Atlantic Road, Hakadal, , Åndalsnes, Nordmøre, Lutvann and Langvann outside .


It is exciting to see famous and beloved places in big movies so this arrangement is something that we must make sure to keep alive. In this way, we will develop competence, create jobs and run good Norwegian advertising.

It is also important that we increase the scheme so that more production companies will apply, and in that way ensure that more people get Norway as an attractive country to record films in. It is quite simple that allows everyone to see where lucrative it is for Norway.


Source: The Nordic Page

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