It happened during the war in Ukraine

There are reports of progress in the talks between and . According to Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister, the Russian presence will be drastically reduced around, among other places, .

“The ones who are making the most on a temporary local ceasefire north of Kyiv right now are Russia,” said Ekot’s foreign . David Carlqvist.

Russian demand: Ukraine must be neutral

Ukraine says that the country can agree to have a neutral status – in exchange for certain guarantees. But first, there must be peace throughout Ukraine and a referendum on neutral status, which means, among other things, that Ukraine should not join or house foreign military bases.

Negotiations on the annexed Crimean peninsula are proposed to last for a period of fifteen years.

“The Ukrainian delegation has submitted a proposal to the Russian side, which will now be forwarded to President for him to look at this,” said Ekot’s Russian correspondent. Johanna Melén.

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