Spotify is testing TikTok-inspired podcast feed

Spotify is testing TikTok-inspired podcast feed

[]March 29 (): The Swedish provider of audio streaming and media services is testing a new feature that uses a vertical -style news feed to improve the podcast discoverability of the app.

According to Tech Crunch, the news feed feature, which is currently being tested, will provide users with 60-second audio clips of shows in a vertically scrolling feed. It will reportedly use a model that has been trained on 100,000 hours of audio to enable it to automatically select which clips to display.

Spotify said the feature is based on the company acquired when it bought Podz last summer for about $ 49 million.

The startup created the audio news feed to solve the podcast discovery problem using a TikTok-style vertical scrolling format, and what made it particularly innovative was its ability to select audio clips from applications in a way that did not rely on podcast creators to produce their own clips. .

In regions where the feature is tested, a dedicated “Podcasts” button in the app takes users to the vertical flow, where a show’s cover image is displayed when the associated audio clip is played.

The clip is also transcribed on the screen as it plays, with the words highlighted as they are read aloud. A play button allows users to continue listening to the program, while a plus button allows users to add the episode to the app’s “Your Episodes” list.

Spotify confirmed to that they were testing the technology they purchased from Podz, but did not offer a roadmap for the feature’s release.

“On Spotify, we routinely perform a number of tests in an effort to improve our user experience,” said a spokesman.

The spokesman added: “Some of these tests pave the way for our broader user experience and others serve only as an important lesson. We have no further news to share right now.” Spotify has focused heavily on podcasts. In recent years. Spotify has also worked with original podcast content and has purchased several well-known podcasts since 2019. (ANI)


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