The Court of Appeal ordered the Turku attack hero to pay 27,000 euros

The Court of Appeal has ordered Hassan Zubier pays the state 27,000 euros in crowdfunding income after the 2017 attack on , in which his spinal cord was severed.

The lower court had previously fined Zubier around € 13,000, about half of the € 27,000 in damages claimed by the . However, the Court of Appeal held that it was not unreasonable for Zubier to lose all proceeds of the fundraising offense.

In , legal fundraising requires permits issued by the , and Zubier’s campaign did not have one.

Zubier, 50, is a British citizen who lives in and was visiting Finland at the time of the attack. The assailant seriously injured while trying to save the life of a stabbing victim at the Turku market square.

Zubier, a woman who launched a fundraising campaign, was fined 25 days, a total of 800 euros.

The district court found Zubier to be a key player in launching the fundraising campaign, as the woman said she had initially said it would be too complicated to run the fundraising campaign after talking to the police. The court held that the woman would have abandoned the plan if Zubier had not suggested that she start fundraising for her at GoFundMe.

The fallen hero

The Turku stabbing case was considered Finland’s first official terrorist , in which a 23-year-old Moroccan man was found guilty of murdering two and injuring eight others.

In 2020, Zubier received a 22-month suspended sentence for aggravated , aggravated counterfeiting, and illegal fundraising.

After the attack, Zubier was praised by the media and the public. President and Queen Elizabeth gave him awards.

But he fell out of grace in Finland after it became clear that he had decorated the details of his life, including falsifying the documents he had submitted in his application for benefits to the Finnish state.

Source: The Nordic Page




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