Two men found guilty of planning a terrorist attack on the Tour de France

The court in on found two 23-year-old guilty of attempted terrorism. A 40-year-old woman facing the same charge was acquitted but found guilty of other minor charges.

The court emphasized the discovery of several effects used to make bombs, and the movements of men on social media and the Internet – which linked them to .

All the ingredients needed to make explosives
During the investigation, the found that the men were in possession of everything needed to make TATP: Hydrogen peroxide, lighter fluid, battery acid and acetone.

This explosive, also known as ‘Satan’s mother’, was used in the 7-7 terrorist attacks in London in 2005. This nickname is due to its high instability.

The has not been able to say where the attack would take place. However, the police found a note in the woman’s phone with information about the Tour de France stages, which are planned to take place in Denmark from 1-3. July.

In their defense
The woman explained to the court that the note should be sent to her mother, a big fan of cycling. As for the battery acid, of the men explained that it was to his old car that he was having problems with.

Again, when asked why she sent to members of Islamic State in , the woman said she is “neither for nor against” IS. She simply saw brothers and sisters fighting, and she helped them.

She was found guilty of sending $ 1,000 (approximately $ 6,800). The men are also known to have set fire to a bus on .

The case was a jury trial. Judgment must now be sought before the case can reach a final conclusion.

Source: The Nordic Page

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