Polish fans insult the Russians during the World Cup match

Polish fans insult the Russians during the World Cup match

’s supporters fired an offensive song during their victory against Sweden

Poland’s fans were captured and insulted by the when their team secured a 2-0 victory over Sweden and booked their tickets to the 2022 World Cup in November.

The Poles should have met Russia in Moscow in a semifinal on March 24 but refused to play against Valeri Karpin’s men in response to their country’s operation in Ukraine.

The competitors in the second semi-final, the and Sweden, also insisted that they do not go to the Russian capital on March 29 for a potential final, but this proved unnecessary when FIFA and UEFA followed a recommendation from the (IOC). and banned Russian .

When a Russian Football Federation’s (RFU) appeal to the Sports Arbitration Court (CAS) was rejected, Poland received a farewell to the final where they met Sweden after the Swedes beat the Czechs 1-0 in overtime on Thursday.

During The 2-0 win at Silesian Stadium in Chorzow which the Poles achieved with goals from and Piotr Zielinski in the second half, but parts of the audience were heard insulting the Russians, as shown in videos that have taken to .

Songs by “Ruska kurwa”, which roughly translates to “Russian whores”, reportedly increased around the terraces during the 18th minute of play with the score still 0-0.

Polish President did not take up the rhyme but tweeted: “Bravo WHITE-RED! POLAND is going to with its head held high!” after the game.

“Great success after a very good game! A well-deserved victory! PROUD! Thank you !!!” he continued.

But last month, when the head of the Polish Football Federation, Czarek Kulesza, announced Poland’s plans to boycott the semi-final against Russia, Duda was a prominent critic of the Russians.

“And rightly so, Mr. President,” Duda wrote in response to Kulesza’s tweet, which revealed the intentions. “You do not play with bandits.”

Captain Robert Lewandowski also supported the idea, saying it was the “right decision”.

“I can not imagine playing a match with the Russian national team in a situation where armed aggression in Ukraine continues,” stressed the Bayern Munich ace.

“Russian football players and fans are not responsible for this, but we can not pretend that nothing happens.”

On Instagram, ‘Lewa’ celebrated the victory by writing: “We are going to the World Cup! Bravo Team, bravo fans!

“Everything is possible when you fight to the end and you believe in victory!” Lewandowski, who wore a colored armband with the Ukrainian flag, finished.


Source: sn.dk

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