The energy company will increase Olkiluoto 3’s capacity to more than 30 percent

The company (TVO) plans to increase the capacity of the third unit of its Olkiluoto (OL3) to more than 30 percent of its full capacity.

On Wednesday, the and Nuclear Authority (Stuk) approved the company’s application to expand the capacity of the new reactor.

In January, Stuk granted permission to TVO to increase OL3’s capacity to 5–30% of its full heat capacity.

TVO and the contractor of the nuclear power plant have reportedly ensured that the reactor is operating as planned and tested the plant for malfunctions.

Stuk has evaluated plans to expand OL3’s capacity and conducted on-site testing. It has also reviewed all significant test results.

According to the authorities, testing has shown that the plant is operating as planned and it is to increase its capacity to more than 30%.

TVO will next need permission from Stuk if it is to increase the reactor’s capacity to more than 60% of its full capacity.

OL3 was first connected to the nationwide network earlier this month at 25 percent of its full capacity. The plant is expected to begin regular power generation in July this year.

Source: The Nordic Page

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