Kata Dalström – the bourgeois lady who became a socialist agitator

The editorial staff of this section consists of:

Cecilia Düringer – host, research and script

– producer

Sara Håkansson – haircut

Pablo Leiva Wenger – stage narrator

Peter Jonason – sound design and final mix

Gunnela , author of the book, also participates in the section Kata Dalström – the agitator who went his own way.

Do you want to know more about Kata Dalström and ’s modern political development? Here are some of the books that form the basis of this section:

Kata Dalström the agitator who went his own way by Gunnela Björk

in the country of the future by Kata Dalström

Kata Dalström’s life… by Fredrik Ström

Agitator Mrs. Kata by Rut Berggren

Kata Dalström in the agitation red. Harriet Clayhills





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