Nature filmmaker Jan Lindblad’s lifelong struggle

Jan Lindblad’s enchant the Swedish audience from the mid-sixties and twenty years onwards. The films open the door to unknown worlds: the rainforests of and the Caribbean.

Jan becomes a super celebrity. But not only for his films, but also for his adventurous life. In his eagerness to a four and a half meter long anaconda, he throws himself over the snake when it tries to dodge. It becomes a wrestling of life and death.

Jan and his partner Pia Thörn take care of two cubs from Kolmården’s zoo. At Jan’s summer cottage outside Flen, they accustom the to a life in freedom. When the cubs get bigger, they will be released in . The tigers grow and soon weigh over a hundred kilos. Then of them escapes and enters a residential area.

But after all, no animal is the biggest danger in Jan Lindblad’s life. It is instead a life-threatening . It becomes his opponent in a fight that lasts a lifetime.

The program is made 2022 by Magnus Johansson at the production company Iris Media.

Executive producer on Swedish Radio: Sofia Kottorp.

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