The Finnish government is preparing a law on the concern caused by the nursing strike

Helsingin Sanomat on Thursday wrote preparatory is being done by officials, but it is uncertain whether it will lead to a government proposal to parliament or not. Satu KoskelaThe head of the department of the told the newspaper that it is possible to bring the legislation into force before the end of the two-week strike.

The strike covers about 25,000 nurses in six hospital districts across , including and , and Southwest Finland.

Koskela emphasized that the Ministry is not a party to negotiations concerning labor market disputes or precautionary measures when preparing for industrial action. Nor does it comment on the negotiations or their content.

“However, there are major concerns that the protected works [work employers and employees have agreed to carry out during the strike] not enough to guarantee the safety of customers and patients. The could allow, for example, people under strike to be ordered to do essential sheltered work, he said.

“That would be a last resort.”

Kirsi VarhilaThe chief secretary of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health described the law as “a temporary measure that restricts the right to strike in some way”. Interview with YLE on Thursday.

According to him, the law could come into force in a week at the earliest.

“It means the government has to submit the bill to Parliament quickly and Parliament has to deal with it quickly before the window of approval is over,” he said. “The foundations of the law will not be laid until tomorrow […], when we are able to tell the areas where sheltered work is sufficient and areas where sheltered work may not be enough. We definitely hope that is enough and no separate law is needed. “

Millaikka RytkönenOn Thursday, the chairman of the Social and (Tehy) knocked out the chief doctors of the hospital districts, expressing concern about the scope of protected work agreed between employers and employee representatives.

“I have not heard of the lack of care from the same gentlemen who have now expressed concern about the nurses’ perfectly legal industrial struggle,” he said. said To YLE.

Rytkönen pointed out that the strike was announced in advance in accordance with the law and that negotiations on sheltered work have been conducted in accordance with the rules.

“Hospitals have a legal obligation to prepare in advance for such situations, for example. But it seems that employers and these chief physicians have not acted in accordance with the law, ”he noted.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page

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