The Sports Court reacts to allegations of political pressure in the Russia case

The Sports Court reacts to allegations of political pressure in the Russia case

The sports arbitration court responded to proposals in certain parts of the Russian media

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has denied that some of its referees refuse to consider appeals from the Russian Football Federation (RFU) due to political pressure.

Reports Russia on Thursday quoted sources as saying that some CAS judges did not want to address Russia’s attempts to lift a FIFA and UEFA ban due to the current climate created by the military operation in Ukraine.

However, CAS press service told R-Sport in Russia that they were not “aware of this situation.”

“Media reports are quite vague. If you have more specific details, please send them to us so we can study them and return to this issue,” CAS said.

In response to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, FIFA and UEFA banned all Russian teams and clubs from international competitions, while following a recommendation from the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

This meant that Russia’s men’s national football team was thrown out of Qatar’s World Cup semi-final 2022 when Poland got a bye before beating Sweden 2-0 in the final on Tuesday.

In July, the Russian women’s national team will miss the UEFA Euro 2022 competition in England.

RFU appealed FIFA’s and UEFA’s decision to CAS on March 7, but the suspensions were upheld the following week.

When President Gianni Infantino addressed the FIFA Congress in Qatar’s capital Doha on Thursday, President Gianni Infantino revealed that the move to ban Russian law was not an “easy decision”.

“Of course not, because it’s about people who love football, like everywhere else,” said Infantino.

“But we had to make the decision, and now we have to look ahead and hope that the hostilities can be stopped and that we can create some peace.”

“The decision [to suspend Russian teams] has been taken about a month ago, “Infantino continued.

“The Russian Football Federation has appealed that decision to the CAS, they are waiting for the results of these deliberations,” he pointed out.

According to RFU chairman Alexander Dyukov, a final CAS ruling on the issue should come in April or May.



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