March was exceptionally sunny in Finland, the researchers say

March was exceptionally sunny in Finland, the researchers say

In March, with the exception of northern Lapland, the sun shone clearly more than usual, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

The last time so much sun was shining in Finland was in March, almost ten years ago, in 2013.

High pressure typically brings clear skies, and this was also the case in Finland last month, according to Yle’s Meteorologist Joonas Koskela.

However, the April forecast does not look as bright.

"Snow is still expected, which means less sunshine," he said.

Last month was also milder than average, with mercury rising from one to three degrees above the 30-year average in most parts of the country.

The sunny conditions brought about by high pressure raised the temperature in Hyvinkää on March 20 to 15.6 degrees Celsius.

However, the winter explosion at the end of the month reversed temperatures as the storm blew around Finland. The Finnish Meteorological Institute recorded the lowest temperature of the month, -30.6 degrees, in Utsjoki as March neared its end on the 28th.

The sunny weather also meant that the month was drier than usual, especially in the southwestern parts of the country. In the municipality of Pargas it rained only 1.2 mm during the whole month.

Source: The Nordic Page

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