Nyamko’s quarter-in-three rag and the party leaders’ training routines

Nyamko's quarter-in-three rag and the party leaders' training routines

There have been 72 shootings this year alone until mid-March. Before the war in Ukraine, gang crime was the big election issue. A new report on the subject shows 448 sentenced years in prison, but at the same time three new people are being recruited to the gangs. We hear about a heated debate between S and M on the issue, a hint about how the election movement will sound.

Our political satirist Moa Wallin has gone through a day in Ulf Kristersson’s life (M) and asks himself the question of how he manages everything. Te x he says he has daily contact with both Carl-Bildt and Finland.

The listener question comes from Sanna, who wonders how healthy politicians are. Our domestic political reporter Lova Olsson says that they train more than average, what the various party leaders train and also what music some have in their headphones. We also hear about a football match between the government and the opposition from 2007 when Reinfeldt was prime minister and where the opposition had Tomas Bodström who had played in AIK. And hear the chant that the government sang during the match.

It will also be about the speech that Nyamko Sabuni gave at the Moderates ‘party convention where she talked about being the Social Democrats’ “quarter-in-three” and received standing ovations.

The program was recorded on April 1, something that Katherine did not think about and was thus really deceived by David.

Producer: Sukran Kavak

Digital editor: Petrina Hinas


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