PM: NATO’s decision is due to take place this spring

PM: NATO’s decision is due to take place this spring

Sanna Marin He told SDP representatives in Helsinki on Saturday that it was time for Finland to seriously consider its position on the military.

Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine has forced Finland to review its security policy, according to Marin. "Russia is not the neighbor we thought it was."

All decisions to apply for NATO membership must be made "thoroughly but quickly," mainly this spring, the prime minister said in a speech to the top of the party.

He said that there would be consequences for Finland if it decided to apply for an alliance or stay out of it.

The prime minister said he would reveal his personal position to NATO as membership talks progress in the coming weeks.

Representatives of the SDP will meet in Helsinki on Saturday to formulate the party’s position on whether Finland should apply for NATO.

The interest of Finns in joining the military alliance has risen dramatically since Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine.

Source: The Nordic Page




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