The state railway company VR fired Lauri Sipponen, President and CEO

On , the state railway company announced the dismissal of its CEO. Lauri Sipponen. Sipponen’s run lasted less than a year, as he only took over the position last August.

Chairman of the Board of , Kjell Forsen, refused to disclose why Sipponen was fired. He told the that he and Sipponen had agreed to keep the reasons hidden, but stated that there were no irregularities.

Forsen also denied that the dismissal of the CEO would be related to the railway company’s decisions made last month regarding train to and from Russia.

The railway company announced in March that it would suspend commercial services as well as freight traffic between the .

However, the company on Wednesday reversed the decision to suspend freight traffic and said it had received a report that the sanctions imposed by Britain on the (RZD), which led to the decision, did not apply to these services.

Sipponen said on Wednesday that VR made decisions regarding train traffic between and Russia without consulting its owner, the Finnish state.

Director of Passenger , Topi Simolawill take temporary responsibility for the company’s operations during the search for a new director, VR said.

Source: The Nordic Page

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