Björn Ulvaeus: I’m not afraid of Putin

Björn Ulvaeus: I'm not afraid of Putin

Björn Ulvaeus: After this speech, Putin is probably no longer an Abba fan

Björn Ulvaeus also comments on what he thinks about Putin liking Abba, something that has been speculated about in the Swedish and foreign press before.

– After this speech, Putin is probably no longer an Abba fan.

Björn Ulvaeus nervous before the premiere of The Abba Voyage concert

Björn Ulvaeus also reveals the new locations that may be relevant for the show Abba Voyage in the future and that he is actually a little, a little nervous before the premiere in May in London.

– It is very difficult to sell tickets at all today. So we are happy that we have such good foresight. It all depends on how it goes and what is spread on social media during the first concert itself. It’s scary today because that was not the case before when you were waiting for reviews. Now it happens right away. Do they like it or not? Or are they lukewarm? No clue.

Is Abba coming to Sweden?

Björn Ulvaeus also reveals that at present, unfortunately, there do not seem to be any plans for the Abba show “The Abba Voyage concert” with the famous “abbats” to come to Sweden.

– Places we have discussed after London are Southeast England, Germany, North America and Asia. We have to settle down where we can play for three or four years and then you have to have an audience base. It all depends on how it goes there on May 26th. Then we get the verdict.

Abba star Björn Ulvaeus in Svensktoppen’s extra podcast

Svensktoppen’s host Carolina Norén received an exclusive interview with the Abba star. Björn Ulvaeus does not think that his speech at the gala is political, but he says that he opens up for a continued commitment to the issue.

– This is not politics, this is a human existence issue. If I can somehow stand up in other contexts, I will do it. This is not a new career for me, but the speech I gave felt like a stimulating challenge, says Björn Ulvaeus to Carolina Norén.

Björn Ulvaeu’s success at Svensktoppen

Björn Ulvaeus is one of the most successful artists and songwriters at Svensktoppen. Since his debut on the list in 1964, he has been involved in over 60 songs. As an artist and songwriter behind hits with groups such as Hootenanny Singers, ABBA and BAO as well as the songs from the musical “Kristina från Duvemåla”.

Reporter: Carolina Norén

Digital editor: Ronnie Ritterland





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