Finavia’s summer flight list: Lots of new routes – interesting American and Asian destinations included

Finavia's summer flight list: Lots of new routes - interesting American and Asian destinations included

There will be flights to numerous destinations in Europe and the Americas, not to mention Asia. Again, travelers have a lot of choice in resorts, he says Petri VuoriFinavia’s Sales and Route Development Director.

Finavia’s airports operate direct flights to more than 130 destinations around the world. According to the mountain, almost 200 flights a day depart from the Helsinki-Vantaa runways in June.

During the summer season, Finnair will fly from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to almost 70 destinations in Europe and will also fly many long-haul routes, including new routes to Dallas and Seattle. Other destinations in the United States include Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. In Asia, Finnair flies to Bangkok, Delhi, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul, Singapore and a new destination in Mumbai.

Norwegian will reopen its base at Helsinki-Vantaa in the summer and fly from the airport to 27 destinations. Norwegian offers flights to Chania in Crete, Larnaca in Cyprus, Palma de Mallorca in Spain, Nice in southern France and Split in Croatia.

Ryanair, which arrives in Helsinki-Vantaa, will start direct flights to four destinations: Alicante and Barcelona in Spain, Venice in Italy and Zadar in Croatia. Pegasus Airlines will open a new route to Istanbul’s Sabiha Gokcen Airport, located on the Asian side of Turkey. The airline will also continue operating flights to Antalya, Turkey.

Airlines such as Icelandair, Czech Airlines and Sun Express are also returning to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, allowing passengers to travel on direct flights to Reykjavik, Prague, Izmir and Antalya. Vueling will also continue flights to Barcelona, ​​and Agean Airlines will fly to Athens again. Blue Air will continue flights from Helsinki to Bucharest, Romania and Easyjet will continue flights to Berlin.

Regional airports also offer a good selection of summer routes to many holiday destinations.

“Vacationers can easily fly from a local airport to destinations in Central or Southern Europe. Utilizing these convenient routes is a particularly good idea for those living near Tampere, Turku or Rovaniemi, says Vuori.

Ryanair will continue flights to London from Tampere Airport. Air Baltic will launch flights to Malaga in Spain, Frankfurt and Munich in Germany, as well as Rhodes to Greece and Oslo and Copenhagen. In addition, the airline has increased its flights to Riga. SAS flies from Tampere to Stockholm.

Air Baltic will also continue flights to Riga from Turku Airport. Wizz Air flies from Turku to Gdansk, Poland and Skopje, Macedonia. The airline’s route plans also include flights between Turku and Rome later this year.

“Some airlines have already revealed some of their plans for the future. For example, Ryanair is planning to fly to Rovaniemi in the winter from Dublin, Brussels and London,” says Vuori.

Finavia Corporation manages and develops 20 airports in Finland. We offer the best long-distance connections in the Nordic countries and enable smooth travel between Europe and the rest of the world. All our airports are carbon neutral. Finavia brings the world closer together.

Source: Finavia

Source: The Nordic Page

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