The apartment rental company opens a café in its residential building in Toppilansalmi, Oulu

The apartment rental company opens a café in its residential building in Toppilansalmi, Oulu

Housing rental company Joo Kodit will open a multi-purpose café and event space in its new Oulu Mallastohtori residential complex in Toppilansalmi, Oulu, which will be completed in late 2022. The cafe called Joo Hetki is open to everyone. For the residents of the housing association, it serves as a common living room where it is easy to meet neighbors and spend time together.

– According to a market study we commissioned, one in three people living in a rental apartment has experienced loneliness at home. However, people also said they were interested in getting to know their neighbors. As a housing rental company, we want to encourage it by creating meeting places for our residents, says Joo Kodit, Commercial Director. Heta Kärki.

Joo Kodit owns more than 700 rental apartments around Oulu, of which about 350 will be completed in 2022. In addition to the commissioning of new apartments, Joo Kodit is actively developing residential areas. So far, Toppilansalmi has only a few services, and we are trying to influence it, says Josefiina ToikaYeah Kodit’s representative in Oulu.

– Many of our residents live alone in their first apartment. They can come to the cafe for breakfast, study or just spend time. Joo Hetki also acts as a customer service point, for example, when residents have to pick up the keys to a new apartment. We want to be an approachable company that offers a personal service and makes renting an apartment as carefree as possible.

Yeah Moments ’decor is designed by Bond Creative Agency, and the menu revolves around delicious local delicacies. Joo Hetki is currently looking for cafeteria staff to help create community in the immediate area and organize events such as flea markets for residents.

Oulu Mallastohtori and Joo Hetkin are built by the local construction company Temotek.

– The proximity of services and the awakening of community are important values ​​for us as well. We see it as part of building a better quality of life. We are building Temotek’s own apartments in the same block, and of course Joo Hetki will also delight their residents, says Temotek’s Oulu Housing Project Manager. Antti Löfbacka.

Joo Hetki Café is just one of the many ways in which Joo Kodit is reinventing rental housing. Other innovations include furnished Joo + apartments, shared cars, free sauna shifts and shared exercise classes.

Source: Yeah Homes / Apartment Group

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