Major parties are in favor of a new weapons package for Ukraine

Major parties are in favor of a new weapons package for Ukraine

Finland should provide more aid to Ukraine in the form of weapons, if possible, according to MPs from the country’s three most popular political parties.

Minister of Defense Yle in an interview on Wednesday night Antti Kaikkonen (Cen), said that Finland has not prepared a third arms aid package for Ukraine, but it has not been ruled out.

In the debate on Yle TV’s Thursday morning, MPs from the Coalition Party, the Social Democrats and the Basic Finns agreed that Parliament was ready to provide more aid in the form of weapons if Finland spared them.

"It has to be exactly the help that is needed [in Ukraine]. No soft means or soft stuff is valid right now," said Lulu Ranne (Finns), Vice-Chairman of the Basic Finns’ Parliamentary Group.

Finland’s own defense first

Earlier this week, the Finnish government decided to increase Finland’s military spending by EUR 2.2 billion over the next four years. Additional funding will be used immediately.

By Kai Mykkänen The chairman of the Coalition Parliamentary Group (NCP) believes that consideration should now be given to whether additional defense investments could be used to procure supplies in such large quantities that some could also be donated to Ukraine.

"Unfortunately, the crisis will continue for at least another month. Ukraine constantly needs huge amounts of armor and anti-aircraft weapons to control this beast," Mykkänen stated.

Antti Lindtman The Chairman of the Parliamentary Group of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) also gave the green light to increase arms to Ukraine. However, he pointed out that at the same time care must be taken to ensure that Finland’s own defense capabilities are maintained.

"Finland is a border country with Russia, and this must be taken into account. These investments in Finland’s defense capabilities will not be made in vain," Lindtman pointed out.

The EU is under increasing pressure on oil and gas

The three MPs also support broader sanctions on energy supplies from Russia, such as oil and natural gas.

"Finland should now strive for that "big elephant" be subject to these sanctions," said Lindtman.

According to Mykkänen, Finland, along with the other Nordic and Baltic countries, must put pressure on the EU to cut oil trade in addition to coal.

This would have a major impact on the Finnish economy, but Finland’s efforts to increase the use of renewable energy would mitigate the blow, Lindtman added.

Some researchers have said that the economic impact of stopping imports of oil and gas from Russia would be significant, but smaller than that caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

"Are we prepared to accept a slightly more difficult life next winter in the light of the sacrifices in Ukraine?" Mykkänen asked.

Source: The Nordic Page

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