Friday’s newspapers: Russia’s rethinking, Zelenski’s speech in parliament, floating gas terminal

Friday's newspapers: Russia's rethinking, Zelenski's speech in parliament, floating gas terminal

Ilta-Sanomat is one of those magazines carry the report on Thursday in an interview with a Kremlin spokesman on the war in Ukraine Dmitry Peskov British Sky News reporter Mark Austin where he said Russia needs to step up its security efforts in its western territories.

In an interview, Austin pointed out that Russia’s attack on Ukraine has been further strengthened and that Finland and Sweden are considering joining the Western Alliance. He then asked Peskov what Russia would do if Finland and Sweden joined NATO.

Peskov replied that Russia would be forced "balance the situation".

""We need to balance the situation and we need to take further steps to ensure our own security, because we are deeply convinced that NATO is a machine of confrontation, not a peaceful alliance." said Peskov.

He added that if Finland and Sweden join NATO, Russia will be forced "to make our western side more sophisticated in terms of ensuring our security".

Peskov was asked to clarify what it meant

"balancing"In the light of Russia’s previous warnings about the serious military and political consequences of Finland’s and Sweden’s possible accession to NATO.

"It is all about mutual intimidation, and if one side – and we consider NATO as the other – is stronger than the other, especially with regard to nuclear weapons, then it will be seen as a threat to the whole security architecture and it will take further action," he said.

Zelensky’s address

Jyäskylän Central Finland reminds readers that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky will give a video speech to Parliament on Friday.

His speech is scheduled to take place at 1pm local time and will last for about 15 minutes.

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö and the Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who is on a working visit to Helsinki, will be attended by the ambassadors of the EU countries. To Finland

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, Zelensky has made several video speeches to Western lawmakers calling for more aid to the war-torn country.

Zelensky’s speech, which will be translated into English, will be broadcast live on Yle TV1 and streamed on Yle Areena on Friday at 1 p.m.

Floating LNG terminal

Business and financial days Kauppalehti tells about it The decision of the Finnish Government’s Committee on Economic Policy on Thursday to support the plan to join the lease of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal with Estonia in order to eliminate dependence on Russian pipeline gas.

The magazine quotes the Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä (Cen) saying that as a result of the war in Ukraine, Finland must prepare for disruptions in gas imports.

"A floating LNG terminal is an effective way to secure the gas supplies of our industry, e.g." Lintilä stated in the press release. He also thanked the Estonian government for what he described as being "seamless cooperation".

Kauppalehti writes that the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy and the Ministry of Finance are now continuing the LNG floating terminal plan with the Estonian Ministry of Energy.

The project is to be implemented as soon as possible to ensure security of gas supply.

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The most picturesque city in Finland

Tampere has been chosen for the second time as the most attractive city in Finland for potential new residents, says Friday Morning Magazine.

This is evident from a nationwide survey by reputation and trust analytics company T-Media, which looked at the views of potential residents on the attractiveness of the country’s ten largest cities. Tampere maintained its number one position in the survey in terms of both attractiveness and reputation.

Kuopio was second and Jyväskylä was second. Helsinki was at the end of the list in the previous 2020 survey. It is now second to last and Vantaa is in 10th place.

The surveys asked potential residents to rate the attractiveness of cities by scoring them into six different categories: vitality, community, environment, location, services, and cost structure.

According to the study, the most important aspects of urban attractiveness are community and safety-related factors in residential areas where Tampere received high marks. It also received top marks for economic vitality and city services.

The low investment in the Helsinki metropolitan area, especially in the capital, was largely due to high living costs.

Source: The Nordic Page

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