Why International House CPH’s next chapter will be in a smaller room

Why International House CPH's next chapter will be in a smaller room

When International House Copenhagen (IHC) opened on Gyldenløvesgade 11 in June 2013, just around the corner from Søpavillonen by Bysøerne, the idea behind the location was to have everything international newcomers could need under one roof.

But according to Trine Marie Ingeberg, who has been head of IHC since the opening, the building has now served its purpose as the project moves locations this summer – to a new home just around the corner.

Everything about the look
“In the beginning, an important element was its appearance,” she explained to CPH POST. In the future, IHC will need less space to provide the same service.

However, there is no need to panic, as she assures international that they will still be able to find the same services as they do now if they show up at the new location in a side street adjacent to Gyldenløvesgade.

The IHC prefers to keep the exact location hidden until they have an exact date of the move. An announcement is expected in May.

A need to save money
The reason for the move is simple: the IHC needs to make some cuts.

Despite the fact that it sits next to a huge complex of contiguous buildings owned by the City of Copenhagen, the one currently inhabited by the IHC is not owned by its overlords at City Hall. Instead, it is rented from ATP Ejendomme.

“The municipality must save money so that it becomes cheaper for us to move into a municipally owned building than to rent one,” Ingeberg explained.

A change in vision
Much has changed over the last decade, and it has affected the original vision that the IHC opened with in 2013. A great many things can be done digitally before it meets newcomers to the city.

“When we opened, everyone came in physically. We looked at each case for the first time when the person came in. Now we do it digitally, ”said Ingeberg.

“We have a back office where we look at all the cases before people come in. That’s why we do not need so much space, because they always have an appointment. They just come in and it takes five minutes. ”

Still more digital
According to Ingeberg, the IHC continues to make digital improvements, and there is more efficiency ahead. After the big move, the next step will be to improve the ‘digital entrance’ to the IHC.

“We are working to make it even better. At the moment there are three digital platforms: SIRI, the municipality with International Citizen Service, and tax. This means that you have to go through three different digital applications, but we only want one,” excited Ingeberg .

“Our goal is to make it as easy and smooth as possible to come to Denmark and start your new life.”
Everyone has been there

One of the biggest drawbacks will be the loss of the huge welcome room that the IHC has used over the years to host countless events: from Christmas parties to informative lectures on property, banking and culture.

But in the future, the IHC expects to host more online events.

“We still want events where people can come and listen to experts, but I think we are becoming more and more digital. Many of the events can be watched from your home, but of course there will still be a place you have to physically come to, ”Ingeberg concluded.

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