Sabuni’s sorti and the party leaders’ Instagram accounts

Sabuni's sorti and the party leaders' Instagram accounts

Nyamko Sabuni resigns close to an election. What does this mean? Our domestic policy reporter Lova Olsson gives us an analysis of a divided party with its own that leaks information and internal battles.

One of the Social Democrats’ most sensitive topics right now is the NATO issue. The party has always been against NATO membership, but these are new times now with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. How should the Social Democrats be able to make a smooth turn in the issue?

One of our listeners wonders if it is the party leaders themselves who manage their social media and if they can post what they want. Our political satirist Moa Olsson answers the listener question for the first time and gives us all the answers. For example, about who posts the most posts about their children and which party leader has the most influencer potential?

Moa also has an investigation into how Nooshi Dadgostar lives up to the Left Party’s new ordinary-people image. Among other things, we hear a 14-year-old Nooshi talk about how strange it is to eat meat for today’s Nooshi, who repeatedly repeats that she actually eats meat.

David Druid and Katherine Zimmerman in political talk show.

In the new podcast you meet David Druid and Katherine Zimmerman who were previously colleagues in Morgonpasset in P3. The talk show is their reunion. In the podcast, we also hear Ekot’s political reporter Lova Olsson and the satirist Moa Wallin from Tankesmedjan in P3.

Producer: Sukran Kavak

Digital editor: Petrina Hinas





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